Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jonathan Adler Phillipe Chair

I received a Jonathan Adler email today introducing the Phillipe Chair. At first glance I kind of dug it, but something is a little bit off. I'm not sure if this draws my interest or repels it. I love the lines of the legs and the fabric part, but those arms seem like they should have an airplane tray table and ashtray inside them. I like the contrast of the olive leather and the flax tweed upholstery, and as Adler says, it is rather "Don Draper-esque," and I agree with him in his disdain for "grotesquely over-scaled chairs," but I think I'd like it if it were a little less clubby and a little more Scandanavian. For $1495, I'd rather pick up a few Ole Wanscher chairs at City Issue:

or this Milo Baughman on eBay:

What do you think of it? Love/Hate/Indifferent?


paola said...

I didn't like it either. For exactly the reason you said. Those arms are just too fat and unwieldy. Like the legs though.

Andi-A said...

Would love a beautiful studio office to house a pair of the Milo Baughman chairs. The City Issue chair would look great anywhere. Wonder what some prissy or op-arty print would look like on it. Or does that defeat the point?

Jonathan's chair is too cool for school for me, but I'd sure use it for some serious modern fanatics if they wanted me to hunt down the perfect clean line, but slighty comfortable retro chair vs. trolling antique malls and garage sales.

So Lovely said...

I would rather have Ole Wanscher chair. I think the JA chair is slightly out of proportion - the legs are too skinny. But then I am also into used or "vintage" rather than new.