Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh, Georgia...

I swear, the news in Georgia, in spite of all the murders and home invasions, is always entertaining. Usually everything hilarious takes place at a Waffle House, which I'll list for you some other day. Today I cracked up at this AJC article, about the Snellville City Councilman who was asked to clean up his yard after the Mayor ratted on him. Part of the junk was an old toilet. Rather than get rid of it, because, "it was in good shape," Councilman Jenkins turned it into a planter. My favorite quote of the AJC article:

I’m waiting for some warm weather to get it blooming,” he said. “It’s my contribution to folk art, not to mention I do love to see things grow.”

As someone who has a degree in landscape architecture and who collects folk art, I take offense. As someone who thinks the ultimate answer to "you might be a redneck if..." is " have a toilet in your front yard," I have to say this rules. I'm sure there is some sort of lemons and lemonade analogy in this pissing contest between the Councilman and the Mayor somewhere, but I'm not quite up to saying it properly. Also, technically, Jenkins could spin this as a "green design," as he is reusing the porcelin pot rather than landfilling it. I'm sure the birds are thankful that he did not think to make it a birdbath...

On a personal note, I applied for a job in Gwinnett County as a code enforcer/landscape architect about five years ago. THANK THE LORD I did not get it! If a City Councilman has an junker car and a toilet in the front yard, I can only imagine what the rest of the yards look like.

photo by Shane Blatt for the AJC


Turquoise said...

This made my day...I just had to post it to my FB.

MySnellvilleBlog said...

I don't think it looks TOO bad, except for the part at the back that makes it look like a toilet.

I've volunteered to paint it with some ceramic paint. Waiting to get the call.

I think that some Frisbees would make nice stepping stones to the planter, don't you?

But there are some bigger issues going on in Snellville. March 9th there is a Council meeting. The council will need to decide whether we will keep paying $33,000 a month on traffic cameras. Unfortunately this potty issue gets all the attention, and we have bigger issues here.

thebubbreport said...

$33,000 a month on cameras is absolutely nothing compared to the ridiculous issues we have here in the city, like not enough police or fireman, tens of millions in a budget shortfall, roads worse than those of a third world country, denim bandits and flat screen stealers breaking down doors with battering rams in the middle of the day, the Beltline, corruption, McMansions taking over our cute neighborhoods, etc. Though I do think that traffic cameras are stupid - don't they actually CAUSE more accidents? The only thing they seem to be good for is finding crooks on cheesy TV shows like CSI Miami. Clearly, they are not using them for that purpose here in Atlanta!