Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simon and Alex are Growing on Me!

Real Housewives of Atlanta. The star of the show this week was Alex and Simon's renovated Brooklyn townhouse:

Would you let a man who dresses like this design anything in your home? You can't even see the bright green vest under that jacket! The resulting pillows:

The big reveal this week was the Van Kempen's renovation. Hmmm. It's DEFINITELY BOLD! The second I saw it, I thought "gothic bordello," which was exactly how Bethenny described it. I am really starting to think like these people, which is a little surprising. They are more humble than I thought, and they really do care a lot about their family. Although they have been portrayed as social climbers, if they really were that shallow, they'd have moved to Manhattan by now. I like their Brooklyn pride.

The red living room reminded me of Ian Schrager about ten years ago, but they love it, so that's all that really matters. I have to say I respect that. While I love Alice Cooper's intellectual turn in Wayne's World (my best friend Liz and I still say "Millie-walk-kay" when referring to Milwaukee because of him), there is NO WAY I could ever have a snake in a photograph in my home. YIKES! Lord I hate snakes! Overall, it was Alex and Simon's den where they relax and enjoy their own personal style, and I respect that they don't seem to care about resale or what anyone else thinks. Perhaps that is why they are growing on me lately. Obviously, the kitchen reno was sponsored by GE Monogram, in case you missed the myriad of obvious product placement intrusions in this episode!

The big reveal, sponsored by GE Monogram:

The original trim was painted a charcoal gray/black, a move I do dig:

I also love the original fireplace in this place. The townhouse does have really good bones:

Bethenny nailed it; Simon decorates the way he dresses. I think it's kind of fun:

Apparently, to the Van Kempens, there is no such thing as "too much red":

Here's what matters. The people who live there had a vision of how they'd like to live, and they achieved it. Look at how happy and at home they feel. I swear they are growing on me:

On to Kelly. She is really, really dumb. Or high all the time. I cannot figure out which, but I'm leaning toward the low I.Q. explanation. She is absolutely crazy and has about three lines she goes to in a pinch; calling a teenager who suffers from arthritis "an adorable girl," saying "that's cute," or complimenting an outfit by label name. She needs to Google "make a mountain out of a molehill" and "let your hair down" A.S.A.P.. I won't waste any more time on her.

RE: RAMONA! Shockingly, Simon took the words right out of my mouth in his blog:

The next scene shows the beauty of this type of show as just a week or two after we've seen Ramona talk about launching her own skin care line, we're back with her at her skin treatment center as she gets non-invasive treatment. Maybe she should put her doctor in a jar & sell it?
I jotted down a note after hearing all about how Ramona's skin care line will supposedly help people look as young as she does, "does it have Botox in it?"

Bethenny seemed nervous on her blind date, but managed to get in plenty of plugs for Skinny Girl margaritas. At the gym yesterday, my favorite employee there was reading me samples of Bethenny's food journals from her best selling book, Naturally Thin. The read like something like:

BREAKFAST: Half a spinach egg white omelette
LUNCH: Small Garden salad with vinegrette, two spoonfulls of Ben and Jerry's ice cream
SNACK: Three sips of Frangelico
DINNER: Half portion of halibut with green beans.

I guess that is what it takes to have a killer body like hers. It almost seems worth it; girlfriend looks amazing in everything she wears.

An undertone I sense from Simon's blog is that they all seem to vie for airtime on this show, as well as press opportunities. Clearly, Jill and Bethenny make the whole show and are by far the most entertaining cast members, and it seems some of the others are a bit envious of any airtime and press they receive. Francios and Johan's spiritedness seems to be the best way for Alex and Simon to gain airtime. Oh, and fights with Mario and Ramona score them some time as well. You have to admire Simon's commitment to camera time; he'll go so far as to play tennis with the flu. Alright, over and out. I want to make a few comments about the EXTERIOR of their home later.

all photos from Bravo, either at or me taking pictures of my television screen.


Madison said...

Bethenny ain't got no back! lol Stick figure is NOT sexy.

Andi-A said...

Last night's show took me a lot of directions. Did you see the videos on about next weeks finale. I hated hated hated the blood house, and I love color. It seemed to suit them, an adult playhouse for swingers. They didn't do themselves any favors for calming down little Nailsonachalkboard, and Screamer, but they seemed happy so.

Kelly needs Jesus, therapy, and rehab. Ironically listening to her strain to stay in the "everything is beautiful" bubble of her mind makes me want to reach for hard liqour and I don't drink.

LuAnn is becoming a surprise fav, I hope we get to see more of the real her now that she isn't in that marrigae facade.

thebubbreport said...

LuAnn was a fave, then lately with all over her etiquette talk and countess talk and telling a little girl to lose weight at the self esteem thing she lost me. Now that I know what's happening, and that every time she has said "the Count is in Switzerland" he was with his hoochie mama, I'm swinging back around on her. Hopefully once Class w/ the Countess bombs she'll be back to normal.

LuAnn does seem pretty funny and smart though; I think I'll enjoy her more knocked down a peg.

jomama said...

i didn't like it, not one bit of their reno, or jill's for that matter, but then i tend to like more of a vintage-y, bohemian, homey, mid-century modern in a pared- down kind of way.
and i agree that kelly comes across like a total crazy person.
i used to like luann when she seemed more down to earth, now she seems completely full of herself, stuck on her title, and condescending to the people she is "helping."

rhfanSD said...

In regards to Alex and Simon, does anybody else think they are totally FAKE and that it's obviously a marriage of 'convenience'?
He is SO far from heterosexual!
As a 'couple' and as parents, they CREEP me out! Those poor kids don't stand a chance, reality show or not.

Topsy Turvy said...

I have to agree that I'm liking Simon and Alex more and more, and the others less and less. Those two are a bit quirky, but compared to the rest of the group? A walk in the park!