Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seriously? Two White Knights

This article in today's New York Times made me think of two different Sex and the City episodes:

1) When Carrie's sliver Manolo D'Orsay stilettos are stolen from Tatum O'Neal's apartment because she was forced to take them off because of "outside dirt."

2) When Carrie goes to a party and the hostess does not serve any drinks that are brown or red because of all of her white furniture.

These dudes have an all-white apartment and thus they take off their clothes and put on shorts and t-shirts when they walk in the door. They even have a laundry room right next to the front door. Why? NYC dirt that they pick up on their clothing.

Hmmm, I do like to put on my lobster pajama pants as soon as I walk in the door. Maybe these guys are onto something. I have been appalled at the grime that comes off on a Bijore wet wipe from my face after tromping around Manhattan. Also, after walking around my house barefoot, I like to wash my feet before they touch my sheets. TMI? Does that tell you more about the cleanliness level of my floors than my OCD? Anyway, what do you think of these dirt warriors?

photo by Fred. R. Conrad for The New York Times


franki durbin said...

I love it clean. Clean. I'm probably a bit too extreme. I mop like it's going out of style, and don't get me started on sweeping. Sheets should be changed as often as possible, as should towels. So...that's my "dirty laundry" if you will.

I can't say I love his all white space, but I've seen white and beige done up so well you'd never miss a spot of color.

(captcha word: nerving) LOL!

thebubbreport said...

I don't even think George Clooney could motivate me to get to bed faster than the thought of clean sheets do! Is that sad?

Andi-A said...

Wow k so how many sheet sets is a good number to have, cause the usual 2 doesn't sound like a good number right now. How often is often when changing sheets? BTW there can't possibly be a wrong answer for me who only wishes the sheets were super fresh all the time.

thebubbreport said...

Andi, Ideally for me, it's twice a week, though it winds up being more like once a week. Sometimes just changing out pillowcases helps. I sleep with a top sheet so that I don't have to do my duvet cover as often, as I have THE WORST time trying to get it back inside the cover. I've never mastered that!