Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etsy Blogs and Denise Huxtable

I am still navigating my way around Etsy's marketplace and blogs. So far, I tend to look at the favorites lists of sellers I like, and find products that are linked to from blogs I like as well as from the Etsy blogs. Speaking of Etsy blogs, I am still navigating those as well. I love when they have bloggers like Swiss Miss pick out their favorites, I love when Christine helps me get the look of interiors she admires with Etsy items, but so far, by a landslide, my favorite post was called Get the Look: Denise Huxtable. I loved The Cosby Show so much back then, and I was in seventh grade and was just starting to earn my own money to buy things like silver espadrilles from ESPRIT, striped leggings from Benetton, and oversized shirts from my dad's closet. I think the biggest influence on my style must have been Denise Huxtable. She rocked hats, she wore crazy oversized boxy clothes, she had the Kanye sunglasses 25 years before he did, she bobbed around to reggae, she bought a hunk of junk of a car...I can't think of another fashionista I looked up to as much as Denise.

Thank you Alison at Etsy. You made my day with this one!

Oh P.S. Do you use Etsy? How do you navigate it? I love it but I find it overwhelming at times. Please share some of your favorite sellers with me.


shanon said...

Oh yay! I love the Cosby Show and especially Denise. Her style was such an influence. I wonder if a stylist did it all or if Lisa had a say in what she was wearing?

ks said...

I love this post!
I'm a big fan of Etsy. Also have a friend with a blog that regularly features fantastic things from Etsy. I let her do my navigating. When I look at the things she features, I get sidetracked by Etsy into other things--and bingo, that's my day's shopping.

Check it out, she's great.