Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Help! I Need Design Advice

So I spent the past two days purchasing, hauling home, and putting together this sectional sofa thing from West Elm. They were having a killer sale, and it actually took longer to get the pieces out of the ridiculous packaging than it did to put it together, I'm not even kidding. While I thought this would be plenty, I'm wondering if I should get one more pice for the right side. So an armless piece would go in between those two corner pieces, and the whole unit would take up the area all the way to that next post. What do you guys think:

The rocking chairs are just there temporarily while I moved the furniture around. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them - they may be stored for the rest of this summer. I'm loving how cute my butterfly tablecloth from The Atlanta Botanical Gardens looks out here, and the new rug came from It's from a Thom Filicia collection and it's made out of recycled straws, or flip flops, or something, I can't remember what to save my life!

Here is the configuration if I add another piece, though I think I'd put the one with the armrest on the right, longer side and leave the single piece where it is:

Here's another view of all the space I have for another piece. I thought it would be too much, but I think there is planty of room. Especially when you think that the rockers will NOT be there. By the way, as usual, this is only half-way put together - the tags are still on the cushions, the Jonathan Adler lamp needs a shade, etc. I'm just so happy to have my porch spruced up and clean - it was coated in construction dust and pollen and I thought it would never be back.
Anyway, what do you think? Should I call them up while there is still one piece left for me to buy or leave it as is? 

Also, if you want one for yourself, it's here, but it's cheaper in the stores right now. 


Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

From an aesthetic point of view: Don't get another piece. Move the rocking chairs over their with the sectional. Move the rug either completely under the dining table or completely under the sectional. By creating two small separately defined areas, your porch space will actually feel larger.

From a lounging point of view: an oversize sectional on the porch sounds pretty good to me!

Thanks for following my blog, Becky! Looking forward to seeing what you do.

MaryBeth said...

You need the other piece. You have the room and it looks like it would be a great place to stretch out.

CHELZERS said...

This probably won't help. :/ My thoughts are: Leave sectional as is and arrange the rockers in the corner on diagonal and put that little stool/table thing in the middle. I agree that the rug placement isn't ideal but I don't agree with moving it all one way or another---that would look funny. I would say do two smaller rugs or cut that one into two, if it will allow. (does that sound crazy??) If you DO decide to get another piece, you can't go wrong with that. Anyways. I love it and the color combos are awesome! Can wait to see the shade on the lamp!

liza said...

I'd get the other piece, definitely. I think it's not very useful seating the way it is now. To get a feel for how long it would look, you could straighten it out for now to see (don't take it around the corner for a test) Love your porch!!

shanon said...

I say go get the other piece. It's better to have the option of having it, instead of wishing in the future that you would have gotten it, but are SOL.

Also, would you be able to lie down on it if it were longer? That would seal the deal for me. ; )


I love that you have a porch so cute