Monday, January 17, 2011

The Client List

Is it just me, or was Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress a combination of two misses from last year, Kate Hudson's weird white dress and Drew Barrymore's weird dress:

This odd shape around one's boobs (so Madonna "Express Yourself" era):

Plus this weird sea urchin thing added to the waist:

  Equals this:

You know I TiVO'd The Client List. It was Lifetime garbage at it's best. I highly recommend making a total crapfest out of it by making it a double feature night, and adding Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss starring Jamie Lynn Sigler.

Which dress did you think was the worst disaster?  I think my vote is for this. January Jones needs to say goodbye to Versace and head in a more Betty Draper-esque Nina Ricci direction. Add some lucite platforms and this dress is straight out of The Moonlight Bunny Ranch. :


VisuaLingual said...

On Mad Men, I think January Jones is quite beautiful, and she really can resemble Grace Kelly at times. I love the way she effortlessly shifts from trophy bride to prissy housewife to self-righteous bitch. Out of character and costume, though, she just looks like your garden-variety, slightly trashy starlet. She should hire the show's stylist as her own!

Sarah said...

Her dress was a total fashion flop...I do think Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone nailed it - beautiful Marchesa sparkly short gown and that beautiful Calvin Klein simplicity - doesn't get any better!